Repair or Reroof?

The key to minimizing costs related to any home improvement is making an informed decision, especially for large roofing projects. The most important decisions should be made before you hire a contractor or choose a shingle manufacturer.

Should you simply patch leaks and damaged areas or totally reroof?  If you choose the latter, you’ll also have to decide whether to roof over your existing roof or whether to remove it.

Start with getting good information.  Diamond Roofing has been performing repairs on shingled and flat rubber roofs for over three decades and has seen just about everything. If you have a leak, missing shingles, flange needing replacement, flashing/capping repairs, or anything associated with your roof, give us a call.

Consulting on your repair is key to helping you make the ultimate decision of whether you need a whole roof replacement or keep repairing. Our years of experience can help guide you on the right decision. We don’t like seeing our customers throw good money after bad so give us a call and we’ll guide you accordingly.

Most repairs can be completed within hours so you can get back to enjoying what you do best.

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