Before and After a Roof Replacement

Diamond Roofing is an expert on both residential and commercial roof replacement projects as we perform over 400 roofing projects annually and cover all of South Jersey.  We receive volume discounts on our materials from our distributors and do everything we can to pass those savings onto our customer’s projects as you will see in our proposals. Most projects are completed within one day. We are certified by manufacturers and follow their recommendations throughout the projects.

All roofing projects start from a complete tear-off and a thorough inspection of your decking. From there, we start rebuilding your roof from decking (if needed), underlayment, leak barrier protection, shingles up to the proper attic ventilation products.

Skylights are also part of our services. If you are thinking of replacing your roof and having skylights, a good rule of thumb is to replace the skylights, especially if they are over 15 years old. We work with only the best in Velux Skylights.

Attic Ventilation is another key factor to the longevity of your new roof. Most of our projects will get a new ridge vent if the air is supplied from vented soffits. If not, we can install powered attic fans that are automatically thermostat controlled.  We install the fans and you’ll have to have a certified electrician wire from inside the residence.

Lastly, comes our cleanup. During the project, we clean as we build. We recycle as much of the product as possible to keep from filling up the landfills with material that can be recycled. Our customers are always impressed with how nice their yard is upon completion of our work and you will be too.

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